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The Bright Classroom


The Bright Classroom offers various literacy activities that are fun, colorful and multimodal for grades Pre-K to 2nd. There is a focus on differentiated instruction, so each product can be easily changed and adapted to meet the needs of your student. Ideas for implementation and differentiation are included in each resource.

At The Bright Classroom, I know how precious and limited time is for teachers. Therefore all of my products come ready to implement simply by printing or assigning and have the ability to be used with your students today. The activities are student centered and can easily be completed during independent or small group time.

  • CVCE Words Activity- Long a Puzzles

    CVCE Words Activity- Long a Puzzles

    Build long a words with this fun CVCE word activity by looking at a picture and building a puzzle. Each puzzle contains one picture and 4 corresponding letters. Opportunities and instructions for easy differentiation are included. The pack...

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