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I'm Raeann Hansen.  I have been teaching for over 35 years. I started in special education teaching elementary, later I taught college math for 16 years at SLCC, and now I teach at an all boys high school as the math department head.  I graduated in elementary school from ISU, and just got my masters in Special Education from WGU.  You can say my talent is teaching and my favorite age is what I am currently teaching.  
When my five children were each in pre-school, you guessed it, I was the teacher.  I struggled to find the materials I wanted.  I ended up creating the worksheets and books I that would work best for my preschool.  I wanted books that the kids could take home and keep, and I wanted one every time I saw them to be in their cute little hands.  Beginning readers can cost a lot, so I designed these books to be printed double sided, cut down the middle, across the middle and stapled to create the same beginning reader, but at a fraction of the cost.  I wanted the stories to build on the words that the children were learning from the books, but add sight words that they would need also.  I wanted to teach the children with the patterns of word families, or word chunks, as well as memorizing the sight words.  This combination is what I created.  The worksheets and games reinforce the concepts. Most of the materials from my website are here for you to download and use.
My own website has everything you would need to begin teaching your own little one words for toddlers, through more advanced digraphs.  I have spent ten years developing and testing the materials in it.  I have kindergarten teachers, special education teachers and parents using this to teach children in a fun and creative way.  To me the most important thing is that the child enjoy the learning, because when they're laughing, they're learning, so always Teach With Giggles!  My website is