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"Hi there! Thanks for checking out my store.  You will find a variety of subjects for a variety of learners.  With 20 years of teaching many different grades, I infuse my experience with my whimsical nature in my lessons, and I hope to pass the inspiration on to you!"

  • "Lever Alone" Card Game

    "Lever Alone" Card Game

    Introducing your students to the world of levers becomes extra fun with this original and creative set of playing cards. There are three differentiated sets of cards that allows students to be challenged (or supported) as their individual learning needs...

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  • Environmental Science - Cleaning Up The Spill .pptx file can be shared digitally with whole class.

    Environmental Science - Cleaning Up The Spill

    This activity has students research and present information on a variety of cleanup methods (see the list below) for an environmental spill (in this case Tar from a Tanker truck accident).   Curriculum Learning Goal for this activity is:...

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  • Gathering Like Terms Reference Sheet Ready to share or print.  
Worked out example for student reference

    Gathering Like Terms Reference Sheet

    This is a page that you can just download and share with your students, it's ready to go. It is a quick review of what "like terms" are in algebra and how to gather them. A worked out example is provided that students can refer to as they are working...

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  • Life Skills - Time Management Life Skills - Time Management

    Life Skills - Time Management

    Do your students struggle with time management? Mine do too. I've noticed that I can lecture and give concrete strategies to help, but it isn't very effective for most students. I have found though, if I ask my students to stop, reflect, and...