Minecraft Language Lessons For Middle School

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  • Minecraft Language Lessons For Middle School
  • Minecraft Language Lessons For Middle School
  • Minecraft Language Lessons For Middle School


Are your middle school students still in love with Minecraft, but are a bit bored with the regular old activities within the game?

Check out this product!

In this package you will find a grade 6 – 8 level reading passage about a grade 8 student who struggles with creating a Minecraft Add-on. The hope is your students will be exposed to a new side of Minecraft which is more about creating their own worlds and themes. If your students are interested, it may create dialogue of coding in Minecraft and the endless possibilities from that side of the game (rather than just playing Minecraft).
The main character of this reading passage is named Avery. I chose a female character to remind the female students that Minecraft and coding are not exclusive to males. This is a great piece to promote females in science, coding and video games.
In this pack you will find a copy of the reading passage with a vocabulary activity to go with it. The vocabulary is directly from the article and the students are asked to define each word and use each word in a sentence.
The next activity is a cloze activity (where key words are missing from the passage). This activity is great to use as a “listening assessment” where you could give your students the cloze activity and they have to listen for the key words to write in each blank. There is also the same cloze activity with a word box. This would suit students with special needs who require extra support or accommodations in language.
The next two pages in this bundle are reading comprehension questions based on the reading passage. There are multiple choice questions, put in sequence questions and written response questions.
The next three pages are fun sheets. These include a crossword, word search and cryptogram.
The last page includes 20 writing prompts relating to technology and the reading passage to get your students writing flowing.

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