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At #easyclassroomdiys online store, we offer a wide range of digital teacher resources that cater to the kindergarten to grade 12 levels. Products offered range from student handouts, motivational tools, classroom decor, task and note cards and much more. If you desire any printable resource created specifically for your classroom, place your order and it will be created for you!

Products are affordable, and have been tested and used in my very own classroom!

The main aim of this business is to give you the teacher an opportunity to reclaim your social life by giving you access to resources that require little or no prep from the comfort of your own home!

  • Bookmark Spelling Lists For Lower Elementary!

    Bookmark Spelling Lists For Lower Elementary!

    This bundle contains 60 spelling words, ideal for grade 2. Each bookmark contains 15 words, and they come in 4 different designs. There are 4 copies of each bookmark per page, making it easier to print off and copy! Store: Easyclassroomdiys

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  • Cells and Cell Systems

    Cells and Cell Systems

    This PowerPoint Presentation is intended to be used AFTER teaching cell structure and functions. It explains two kinds of cells: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic. Additionally, it shows levels of cell organization - cells, tissues, organs and organ systems...

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  • Cells and Their Functions

    Cells and Their Functions

    This NO PREP activity bundle includes 4 different activities and their corresponding answer keys!1. Teach your kids to spell the parts of the cell through the first spelling activity2. Allow your kids to match the parts of the cell to its function in the...

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  • Creative Journal Prompts, Vol 1

    Creative Journal Prompts, Vol 1

    Ever wonder why some students just don't attend to their writing projects? I believe some of them simply are not interested in the topics. So, I have created 61 prompts in this volume to help students to become more interested in writing! When I used...

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  • Direct and Indirect Object Teaching PowerPoint

    Direct and Indirect Object Teaching PowerPoint

    This 11 slide resource is ideal for teaching middle-schoolers the concept of direct and indirect objects. It features simple to follow directions on how to identify the Direct Object and the Indirect Object in sentences. After each section, there are...

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  • Integrity, A Sunday School Lesson - FREE

    Integrity, A Sunday School Lesson - FREE

    This teaching packet is suitable for teaching 10 - 12-year-olds about doing what is right in the sight of God. The resource is in PowerPoint format which means it can be projected, printed and or distributed. I only printed the Memory Verse card for the...

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  • Introduction to the Hamburger Paragraph

    Introduction to the Hamburger Paragraph

    This 15 slide resource is ideal for introducing the Hamburger Paragraph to middle school students. It outlines the 5-part structure, to help students develop paragraphs with substance. The package includes the following: 1. Anchor chart 2. Notes 3...

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  • Literary Elements: Theme

    This PowerPoint presentation is ideal for grade 8/9 students! It teaches kids what theme is and how to find themes in novels. As examples, the themes in Scott O'Dell's novel, 'Island of the Blue Dolphins' and Lois Lowry's 'The Giver' is examined...

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  • Red River Settlement, Student/Teacher Board Notes

    This EDITABLE power point presentation has 17 slides. Included are as follows:- Map showing location of the area- Vocabulary- Intro into the Red River Settlement- The first and second settlers- Conflict in the region among the Metis, First Nations, the...

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