Trademarks and Copyright Policy

At Amped Up Learning we are teachers ourselves and we respect the intellectual property rights of others and our teacher contributors should do the same. Amped Up Learning's policy follows the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") and other applicable laws. If we receive a valid infringement Notice with all the applicable information we comply with the law and remove the content from our site.

Amped Up Learning is a service provider hosting content produced by our teacher contributors and therefore we aren't in a legal position to make a judgement call so we depend on notices before we take action.

If we find that a member of our site has violated this policy repeatedly or egregiously, we’ll close that user’s account, and we may take further action.

What does it mean?

Here are some very general definitions that you may find helpful. This is NOT legal advice.

  • Intellectual Property is an an overarching term that covers trademark, copyrights, and patents. This policy covers copyrights and trademark.

  • Copyright is to the rights of a creator or author of a unique piece of work to protect against copying, display, reproduction, creation of derivative pieces, etc.

  • Trademark is to a word, phrase, logo, or design used to associate a particular brand as distinct from other brands or products. Think Nike, Starbucks, etc. 


You can submit a Notice or Counter-Notice to our Designated Agent by email

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