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  • Tweet Tweet

    Tweet Tweet

    Using today's language to analyze differing perspectives.

    Groups: Pairs/Table Groups

    Time: 20-30 mins

    Units: all

    Purpose: Students show differing viewpoints on a certain issue

    Strategies: Analyzing Perspectives, Collaboration, Partner Debates, Critical Thinking, Writing, Summarizing

    Teacher Preparation: 2 PERSON cards and 1 related EVENT card for each partner or foursome. Ex. Calhoun, Jackson, The Nullification Crisis


    1) Each person (in a pair) or each group of 2 (in a foursome) take one the role of one of the two people cards.

    2) Create a Twitter conversation two people might have had regarding the event, we typically exclude the limitation of the number of characters.


    1) Teacher could limit them to 140 characters and/or have them create a hash tag after each of their tweets.

    2) Students could be given the two people cards, but they could choose their own event/issue to tweet about.

    Extension: Add a third person card to the conversation or cover up the clues on the cards.

    Modification: Have sentence stems already created for the entire twitter conversation or just the first few tweets.

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