Civil War Bundle - Save 50%

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  • Civil War Bundle - Save 50%
  • Civil War Bundle - Save 50%
  • Civil War Bundle - Save 50%


Bundle of 6 lessons, individually $30. Save 50% with the Bundle. 

1.      Making a Book about Washington D.C. during the Civil War 

2.      Civil War Game - military strategy, discussion questions and a number of extension activities to broaden this activity.

3.      Civil War Generals: Most and Least EffectiveFor this activity students either choose or are assigned a Civil War General to research. They then decide whether to enter him in a contest in the category of “most effective” or “least effective” commander. Finally, they make a class presentation trying to have him voted the most effective or least effective commander during the war.

4.      What Caused the Civil War - Students will understand the basic causes of the Civil War.  Students will come to an individual conclusion of what they believed was the most important cause of the war.

5.      The Civil War: The Trial of Nathan B. Forrest and William T. Sherman - Students will learn the military history of these two opposing generals. Students will evaluate whether either of these two commanders deserve to be considered great military leaders. Students will decide if either of these two leaders were instrumental in the commission of war crimes.

6.      The Washington Peace ConventionIn this activity you and your students will have a chance to serve as representatives to this convention and consider proposals that might reverse history and prevent the Civil War. Also included are summary discussion question and extension activities to broaden the experience.


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