1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide

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  • 1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide
  • 1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide
  • 1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide
  • 1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide
  • 1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide


This product includes resources to be used with the film, 1917. This film was released in 2019 and is a great resource to use when teaching a unit on World War I. In the film, two soldiers are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission to cross nine miles of war torn France to deliver an important message.

The Movie Guide includes numerous resource, some of which are available individually in my store and can be found by clicking the links below. The resources include:

  • Teacher Guide: This guide provides teachers with movie details, a film review, summary of the film, how to use in the classroom, and content warnings about the movie.
  • Review Questions: This two page resource includes 5 response questions about the film that students will answer as they watch the movie.
  • Movie Visual Project: This one page project tasks students with creating a movie poster for the film based on the theme, purpose, or personal opinion of the movie.
  • Quick Quiz: This ten question multiple choice quiz is a single pages document with an answer key also included.

This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource.  


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