Interactions of Species Classification Activity #1

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  • Interactions of Species Classification Activity #1
  • Interactions of Species Classification Activity #1
  • Interactions of Species Classification Activity #1


Welcome! This activity features twenty-five ecological interactions for students to classify. Students decide whether the type of symbiosis is intraspecific competition, interspecific competition, mutualism (++), commensalism (+0), amensalism (0-), parasitism (+-), predator-prey (+-), or herbivory (+-) or (+0). Students will write the symbols (+, -, or 0) over the underlined species featured in the scenario to show how each one is affected in the engagement. Students will then write the classification on the line next to the numbered scenario. I provided an interaction of species word bank at the top of the front page along with a description of each one.
I included two student versions of the worksheet. One is generic and the other version gives the teacher the option to insert actual student names in the slots where there is blue-colored font. I teach in a small town and am the only science teacher grades 7-12. I have had my students at least three years in class before I assign the fun personalized version of this activity.
I also provided a full-page key with the answers in red font.
This PDF file will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader DC program.
This resource is part of a two-worksheet series about the classification of species interactions I offer. In addition, I published a Symbiosis Cryptogram Puzzle!
I have published science lessons, kits, labs, games, and books through multiple international supply companies dating back to 2002. I offer innovation and vast experience with quality control on which you can count.
Thank you for your interest. I invite you to check out my other lessons for all of the sciences in my store.
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