Reported Speech Legal Size Text Tic-Tac-Toe-Bingo Game

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2nd through 12th, Adult ESL Education, Homeschool, and Distance Learning
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Reported Speech Legal Size Text Tic-Tac-Toe-Bingo Game-ESL Fun Class!
How to Play It:
The teacher will call out a particular square and ask the question or read the information in the square. Students will search to see if they have the information square.
Students must write the answer to the question or fill in the blank in their square. If students complete the information correctly, then the square belongs to them or they own the square.
How to Score It:
If you play tic-tac-toe the students must own 3 consecutive spaces, up and down, across or diagonally.  The first student that does so wins the game.  
If you play bingo you can instruct students to take ownership of the squares in a “U” shape, a “T” shape, a square or have them do a “blackout” in which they must own all of the squares on the card in order to win the game.
Each game includes 4 pages with 4 cards on each page. Every card has the information on a different spot. The teacher will use page 1 for an answer sheet.
All tic-tac-toe or bingo card games are formatted to be printed on legal size paper. However, you can use a pdf editor to take a snapshot of the game, paste it into a clean word document, and then stretch or shrink it to any size you want.
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