Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set

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  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set
  • Basics of Ecology Crossword Puzzle Set


This listing features three crossword puzzles about the basics of ecology for an ecology unit in either a middle school life science course or for an ecology unit in high school biology. The fourth page is a master word bank of the 48 terms for the three crossword puzzles listed in alphabetical order.
The vocabulary terms covered in this crossword puzzle series includes: abiotic (factors), abundance, age structure (diagram), biome, biosphere, biotic (factors), carrying capacity, clumped, commensalism, community, competition, consumer, decomposer, density, density-dependent (factor), desert, distribution, disturbance, ecology, emigration, food chain, food web, freshwater (biome), grassland, habitat, immigration, irregular (distribution), marine (biome), migration, mimicry, mortality, mutualism, natality, niche, parasitism, plant succession, population, precipitation, producer, range, survivorship curve, symbiosis, taiga, temperate deciduous (forest), trophic level, tropical rainforest, tundra, uniform (distribution)
Three answer keys are included. This PDF file will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat DC Reader app.
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