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My name is Heidi Crowhurst. This is my 21 st year in education and I am currently serving as the Department Chair at a Jr. High school in Northwest Houston. My certifications include Secondary Science, Special Education, Elementary Self-Contained, and Elementary Biology. I have taught in Texas
and Colorado. I have served as a mentor teacher for West Texas A&M University, Teach for America, Region 17 Service Center (Texas), and Harrison District 2 (Colorado). My goal is to produce meaningful lessons in an engaging format that reaches all types of learners. I create PowerPoints with a purpose.

  • What is Work? What is Work?

    What is Work?

    Objectives: Contrast situations where work is done with different amounts of force to situations where no work is done such as moving a box with a ramp and without a ramp, or standing still.Explain how inclined planes can be used to change the amount of...

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