1916 Trench Warfare Simulation

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Objective: This interactive trench warfare game engages students in a hands on way, to understand the phrases: "Trench Warfare" and "No Man's Land"

       These may seem like boring vocabulary words to most students, but they'll mean something more to your students, as they face the daunting task of trying to brake the stalemate on the Western Front.

     This simulation takes place in 1916 on the Western Front when British and French Forces faced the German army in France and Belgium. 

Students will Problem Solve and Develop Strategy as how to break through each others lines. In the end, they'll realize that the Western Front punished the side on the offensive.  Sending waves of men into blistering machine gun fire was pure insanity.

Sequence Example:

  1. Artillery Attack: The Allies target a German zone, Sedan
  2. French Forces from the Marne Enter No Man's Land #7 and are hit with heavy machine gun fire.
  3. The remaining French forces move into Sedan for the battle- casualties are taken off the map.
  4. Movement: The Allies move forces not used in battle.


1. Allow students to feel the frustration and futility of offensives on the Western Front.

2. Show students why the Western Front became a “stalemate”.

List of Materials Included:

1. Teacher Instructions
2. Student Instructions
3. Western Front Map
4. Battle Calculator

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