3rd Amendment - "Quartering of Soldiers" - Enhanced DBQ - Close Read (PDF)

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Grade Level:
5-12, Home School
Resource Type:
Lesson Plan, Activity, DBQs, Flashcards
File Type:
CCSS - R.H. 6-8.1; R.H. 6-8.2; R.H. 6-8.7
Total Pages:
Answer Key:
Approximate Teaching Time:
1 hour
  • Cover Page
  • Sample of Lesson Plan
  • Sample of Activity
  • Sample of Answer Key


An in depth look at the Amendment that protects people from having to house and feed soldier.

In studying this Amendment, your students will learn the history behind quartering of soldiers, an in depth study of the 3rd Amendment, and a Matching assessment quiz.

An Enhanced Document-Based Question Unit that includes elements of Close Reading Strategies to gain a GREATER understanding of the 3rd Amendment - "Quartering of Soldiers". This lesson includes:

* Lesson Plan

* Lesson Plan Narrative and Reasoning Guide

* Common Core Standards Correlation

* Primary and Secondary Sources on Historical Events

* Open-ended and close-ended questions

* Modified Close Reading Strategies embedded

* Quizlet vocabulary link for concept reinforcement

* Extended Activity for Gifted/Advanced Students

* An Investigative Approach to History

* An Answer Key

* Designed for grade 5 and up, but lower grades can easily scaffold the lesson for use

** PDF Version can easily be printed for student handouts

** Both Color and Blackline Masters are included


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