Absolute Value Equations Turkey Trot

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The Jr High Chaos Coordinator
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Grades 7, 8, 9
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Review Game
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  • Absolute Value Equations Turkey Trot
  • Absolute Value Equations Turkey Trot


This is a game to play with the whole class to practice solving absolute value equations!


12 questions, answers included
Student answer sheet
Game board for any projector or interactive whiteboard

Teacher Instructions:

Split the class into teams. Students can take turns choosing the problems by clicking on a turkey. Print slide 17 for students to do their work on.
Clicking on a turkey will take you to a problem.
One click on a problem slide will make the answer appear.
To go back to the game page (slide 4) click on the “go back”in the corner.
You can click on the turkeys in any order. The slides are numbered so students know where to answer the problem on the answer sheet and for easier grading.
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