Advanced Sight Words

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  • Advanced Sight Words
  • Advanced Sight Words
  • Advanced Sight Words
  • Advanced Sight Words


This is a list of 27 advanced sight words that students frequently miss or confuse when reading.  Many of these words are also found on state assessments.  I used this list with my 3rd graders as I noticed that many were not consistently reading these words correctly.  You can print these for cards to use at stations or small groups.  I shared the pdf file with my students on google classroom.  They always had access to the words so they would often work with a partner and compete to see who could read the words correctly in the shortest amount of time.  Some students preferred to compete with themselves to beat their previous time.

The words include:

because, remember, though, through, thought, nothing, question, special, once, bought, brought, fabulous, determine, selection, identify, continue, instead, different, practice, relationship, favorite, dictionary, enough, dangerous, happened, heard, people

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