Amendment and Articles Puzzle

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Make History Fun
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30 minutes


Constitution Articles and Amendments Puzzles

Great for your tactile learners! Your students won’t realize they are reviewing or studying while they are working on this puzzle!

This Amendment and Articles Puzzle is a fun way for your students to review as they try and put the puzzle together. This puzzle contains brief descriptions of the 7 Articles of the Constitution and the 27 Amendments. Thre are 29 puzzle pieces in this file.

I print out on card stock or laminate each one of these puzzles. To save time I will have the students cut them out and that also gives them the ability to preview the puzzle beforehand.

Then throughout my lessons over these topics I will periodically pass these out and give them 5-10 minutes to try and put them together. I will have races and time the students.

Included are two puzzles: the first puzzle contains pictures that will help your students get started, the second puzzle is blank except for the descriptions of the amendments and articles.

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