Ancient India Digital Breakout

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  • Ancient India Digital Breakout
  • Ancient India Digital Breakout
  • Ancient India Digital Breakout


Looking for a digital breakout covering Ancient India? If so, then this is the document for you! All you need is connection to the internet! This breakout is a Google Form.

A digital breakout has students find a series of online clues to unlock "locks." Breakouts are a great way to increase student engagement in the 21st century. The 4Cs are incorporated as students must collaborate, communicate, create, and think critically!

In this breakout:

The Scenario:

You've been traveling many hours to get to Ancient India and you've finally arrived!  However, when you try to leave the airport, all of the doors are locked and you are trapped inside.  In order to make your way out of the airport and enjoy your vacation, you must solve the clues below to breakout!  Good luck!

Topics Covered:

Caste System

Taj Mahal


Culture and Geographical Locations and Terms

5 Locks (Google Form):

Letter lock

Directional lock

Number lock

Matching lock

Crossword lock

Answer Key Included!

60 min time limit is suggested.

Purchased document is a PDF that includes a Google Link with the breakout. Google Classroom ready!

*Be sure your school district gives your students access to websites outside of your network before purchasing*

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