Beginning Sound Word Cards and Sorting Mats Literacy Center

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AW Maestra
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Pre-K, Kindergarten
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Word Wall Cards, Sorting Activity
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This set of Beginning Sound Word Cards & Sorting Mats is perfect for small group instruction or word work literacy center activities for pre-k and kindergarten students. The word cards are also awesome for your word wall!

You get all of the following:

- 29 Bright, colorful Alphabet Sorting Mats for letters A-Z

- 3 sets of Uppercase Letter Cards in different fonts and colors

- 3 sets of Lowercase Letter Cards in different fonts and colors

- 3 color Picture Word Cards for each consonant

- 5 color Picture Word Cards for vowels (3 short vowel sounds + 2 long vowels sounds)

Plus a BONUS for you: Sorting mats and word cards for the blends ch, sh, and th!

That's a total of almost 100 word cards and 168 letter cards plus 29 work mats! Wow!

Words and pictures include:

a – apple, ax, alligator, airplane, acorn

b – baby, boat, bear

c – carrot, cat, car

d – dog, door, drum

e – elephant, egg, elf, easel, eagle

f – fire, flower, football

g – grapes, glove, gate

h – hand, heart, hammer

I – igloo, inch, iguana, ice-cream, island

j – jar, jump, jacket

k – key, kettle, kite

l – lamp, leaf, lips

m – mouse, mitten, mom

n – nail, net, nose

o – octopus, orange, ostrich, ocean, oatmeal

p – penguin, popcorn, pumpkin

q – queen, quilt, question

r – robot, rocket, ring

s – sun, slide, star

t – table, tree, tiger

u – umbrella, up, uncle, unicorn, ukulele

v – vegetables, vacuum, vest

w – wheel, whistle, watch

x – xylophone, x-ray, x-mas

y – yarn, yam, yo-yo

z – zoo,zebra, zipper

Bonus blends:

ch – cheese, chips, check

sh – ship, sheep, shovel

th – thimble, thumb, thorn

Also available in Spanish! The English set is color coded BLUE and the Spanish set is RED for those conforming to the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language model.  Please visit my store for the Spanish version, "Sonidos iniciales"


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