Biography: Abraham Lincoln (The Early Years)

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Middle and High School
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Biography Reading with Analysis Questions
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4 pages (including answer key)
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  • Biography: Abraham Lincoln (The Early Years)
  • Biography: Abraham Lincoln (The Early Years)
  • Biography: Abraham Lincoln (The Early Years)
  • Biography: Abraham Lincoln (The Early Years)


This is the first in a two-part series of biographies on Abraham Lincoln. The biography details Lincoln's childhood and informal education in Kentucky and his early involvement in Illinois state politics. The biography also recounts Lincoln's opposition to the Mexican-American War, his 1858 Senate campaign against Stephen Douglas, and his eventual - and rather unlikely - election as president of the United States.

The biography includes a series of questions based on the reading.

In using this in my own classroom, students are encouraged to:

1. Number the paragraphs

2. Read the biography

3. Highlight answers in the reading

4. Use complete sentences

5. Identify the paragraph where they find the answer

The answer key demonstrates these steps.  Academic and content vocabulary words and definitions are included.

For those seeking distance learning options, the biography can easily be converted to a digital activity using Google Slides.

Part 2 of the series focuses on Lincoln's first inaugural address, the death of his son Willie, the Gettysburg Address, and his second inaugural. Purchase them both as a bundle!

You can also purchase the biography as part of a general series I have posted on Amped Up Learning: Biographies in American History.


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