Blood Cell Identification Table Series

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  • Blood Cell Identification Table Series
  • Blood Cell Identification Table Series
  • Blood Cell Identification Table Series


I created this full-page lesson to help human anatomy and physiology students differentiate and remember the seven different blood cells by function and development. This activity offers three tables with a combined thirty-one statements that describe a particular blood cell or multiple blood cells. This worksheet reinforces facts about the erythrocyte, thrombocyte, neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte. Students write the full name of the cell(s) that match the description in the open cell of the table. For example, if a statement describes all seven blood cells, students write "All 7 BC."

This document will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app. It comes with a colored answer key. 

I appreciate your interest. I have published educational books, games, and lab kits through several international science supply corporations dating back to 2002. Order with confidence!

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