Brain Breaks and Class Closers

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ELA/Brain Breaks
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Word, PowerPoint
42 pages, 294 slides
  • Brain Breaks and Class Closers
  • Brain Breaks and Class Closers
  • Brain Breaks and Class Closers
  • Brain Breaks and Class Closers


Have you ever finished class early and wondered what to do for the last few minutes? Have you ever had a time when your students needed a brain break to help them refocus? Brain Breaks and Class Closers can help. They are designed to be photocopied and kept handy to be used at a moment’s notice with no further prep required. These games will engage your students in critical thinking and friendly competition.

This product includes:

• The Big Lie

• Palindrome Puzzlers

• Uncommon Words with Something in Common

• Stumpers

• Three Strikes

• Thinking Outside the Box

• Hidden Countries

• Longest Words

• Name a Famous Name

• Match the Masses

• Anagram Names

• Before and After

• From There to Here

• Tic Tac Toss

• Masters

• Mystery Numbers

• Getting to First Base

• Mystery Cleanup Blitz

• Sort it Out

• Footwear

• Tribond

• Blurt It Out!

• Hidden Animals

• Higher or Lower?

• Last Letter – First Letter

• Mime Time

• Who Was the Masked Man?

• What’s in a Song?

• Don’t End the Word!

• Silent Lineup

• Revealing Evidence

• School Riddles

• Keep It Simple

• Name Five

• Hinky Pinky

• Pronoun Bingo

• All in Order

• Hidden Foods


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