Campaign and Election Simulation Project Based Learning in Government Activity

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20 pages of simulation, learning, watching, and understanding the American Election process. 

This is a really fun way to learn about campaigns, public speaking, and government elections. This is a 22 page document that asks students to watch and review election materials from American history. There are links to commercials, speeches, and campaign data from many different elections.

Students get involved in this project based learning by running for office. They prepare speeches, look up special interest groups, and simulate the process of running for the Presidency of the United States.

This document leads you through the analysis, note taking, planning, and reviews discussions of tactics and election history. The project itself is left flexible to your execution regarding the election, voting, and counting experience - that part is up to you. This resource gets you set to understand, simulate, write speeches, and allows students to prepare their campaigns. The timeline for executing this is about 4-5 classes with block schedules, or 7-10 periods of regular classes.

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