Causes of the Civil War

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Hook Them on History - Doug Stuart
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  • Causes of the Civil War
  • Causes of the Civil War
  • Causes of the Civil War


“Causes of the Civil War” -goes over the reasons the Civil War started. It starts with reasons for war simmering in the 1850’s (sectionalism) and the events of the 1850’s to the secession of the South in Dec 1861. It includes images, maps and text notes on slides for students. Also teacher notes and extra information are included on “note view “for many slides. This presentation was used for many years in class, and was revised yearly for each new class that came in. It holds the class interest and brings up a lot of discussion.
What is Sectionalism (in question format-animated), and what were the 4 major issues of sectional politics of the era.
Social and economic impact of “Cotton” upon the South.
Impact of Slavery on the South- Who were the slaveholders?
The economics of the Industrial North- and immigration that feeds the industry.
Quick overview of the events :
Compromise of 1850<> Fugitive Slave Law <> Kansas-Nebraska and Popular Sovereignty<> Dred Scott Case<> John Browns Raid <> Election of 1860 and Lincolns victory <> South Carolina Secede

50 plus slides-many animated and extra features that slide in, images, political cartoons, and maps
Student text note slides (easily edited)
Some animated –interactive class slides
Targeted for High School level- used in 11th and 12th grade classes-
2 -50 minute class periods -
Slides can be edited or hidden to speed up the presentation and/or leveled to class ability
Teacher notes for class through out the presentation.
This was used in class! It works!
Doug Stuart
Note icon >notes to the teacher-On the PowerPoint menu, Go to View-Notes Page. These can be printed to have in front of you. Also, notes appear at the bottom of the slide when not in slide show mode.

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