Chinese New Year

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Beth Hammett - The Educator Helper
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15 Days of Activities
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  • Chinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Chinese New Year


This file updates yearly for FREE to reflect current Chinese New Year's information! Introduce the Chinese New Year to students with these 35 engaging, interactive ELA or social studies/history activities.


Directions for use with extensions and modifications

How to make a book instructions

Chinese New Year Information (Facts) Sheet

Year of the Dragon Introduction Poem

Map of China with symbols

Calendar for each day with activities

12 Animals and Traits

What I know/my small group knows/the whole group knows chart

Dragon Traits

Draw dragons in their natural setting

Chinese New Year Means to Me...

Chinese vs. My New Year

Draw the Year of the Dragon Chinese Symbol

Acrostic Dragon Poem

Free or rhyming poem

Write your own fortune cookie sayings

Hong Bao Day

New Year Celebration Coloring Sheet

Gung Hei Fat Choy translation

Black & White Coloring Images

Extra Resources for more thorough lesson plan

Breakdown of 15 days with meanings and activities:

Day One: Welcome to God's of Earth

Day Two: Birthday of All Dragons

Day Three & Four: Respect for Older Family Members

Day Five: Welcoming Wealth

Day Six: Visiting Others

Day Seven: Birthday of Humans/Farmers/Produce

Day Eight: Family Reunion

Day Nine: Offerings to Jade Emperor

Day Ten, Eleven, & Twelve: Invitations to Dinner

Day Thirteen: Cleanse the Human Body

Day Fourteen & Fifteen: Preparations for and Lantern Day

Days 1-15 Activities include:


Chinese Symbolism


Dinner Party Menu

Fortune Cookies (write your fortunes!)

Goal Setting

Lantern Day


Party Invitations

Red Envelope Day

Thank You Letter

Word Search

and more...

Learn about Chinese New Year with this everything-you-need to engage students packet.

Reminder: Once purchased, this unit will update yearly to reflect the Chinese New Year's current symbols.

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