Christmas Vocabulary Activities

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Froggy About Teaching
grade level:
1, 2
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Christmas vocabulary, printables, word cards
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Answer Key:
  • Christmas Vocabulary Activities
  • Word and definition cards
  • Syllable Puzzles
  • Unscramble the words activity


This is a great educational resource for teaching and building vocabulary. The words that are included can be sorted into these categories: Christmas food, Christmas sweets, and Christmas items.

  • Word and definition cards can be matched, sorted or displayed in the classroom.
  • The syllable cards can be used in a center to allow students the practice of creating the words with the syllables.
  • After allowing students to practice with the syllable puzzles and word cards, they can apply the learned skills on the activities that have been included such as, Unscrambling words, Word Search, Word Puzzle, Sentence Fill-In and Label the Word.

My goal is to make your job just a little bit easier!

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