Clipart animated Gif Backgrounds BUNDLE

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LangUact Tutoring


100 animated GIFs clip art background scenes!!!

Would you like create animated resources for students, but don't how or don't have the time?

Well Languact Tutoring is here to save you LOTS OF TIME and LOTS OF $

This animated clipart Gif bundle will give you the power to create a variety of highly engaging resources for your students.

All Animated GIFS can be uploaded to Boom cards, Powerpoint, Google Slides and seesaw products.

Create animated resources today and increase class engagement!


35 Space backgrounds Animated Gifs

22 winter background Animated Gifs

14 Outdoor (roads and land) backgrounds Animated Gifs

13 sky backgrounds Animated Gifs

18 various backgrounds Animated Gifs


LangUact tutoring clip art may be used:

for personal use with students


It is not permitted to:

•give away, share or sell LangUact tutoring clip art


•When you purchase LangUact tutoring clip art, you are buying the rights to use them. You cannot claim them as your own and LangUact tutoring retains the copyright to all clip art.

A credit to LangUact tutoring store must be added to your product (store name/URL is fine.

A clickable link is also ok.)

Images must be used within a body of your own work. It is not permitted to sell a collection of LangUact tutoring clip art on their own.

Check out LangUact Tutoring for more resources. 

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