Crash Course Chemistry Video Worksheets Guide (Complete Set)

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Grades 10-12
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Video Guide Worksheet
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doc, pdf
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  • Crash Course Chemistry Video Worksheets Guide (Complete Set)
  • Crash Course Chemistry Video Worksheets Guide (Complete Set)
  • Crash Course Chemistry Video Worksheets Guide (Complete Set)
  • Crash Course Chemistry Video Worksheets Guide (Complete Set)


This is the complete set of 46 video worksheets in a bundle for the 46 different videos for Crash Course Chemistry. Each Crash Course video is approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length. The video worksheet guide help to keep students focused and actively learning while watching the video. Hank Green does talk rapidly in order to present large chunks of information in a short amount of time. With that in mind, it is recommended that if students view his video on an individual basis, they are encouraged to replay sections of the video to capture all the information required to complete the video worksheet.

With the purchase of this video worksheet bundle, you save over 75% of the cost of purchasing each of the video worksheets individually. Much of the content in these videos is geared toward upper level Chemistry classes, however the videos and video guides will work with lower level Chemistry classes if sufficient teacher guidance is provided. The worksheet and associated video will work well in a regular or flipped classroom setting. The worksheet could also be a portion of an interactive student notebook. This is also an ideal lesson plan for a substitute teacher (assuming they have access to the video)! Links to the videos on YouTube are included in each sheet.

These materials may also be used effectively in a distance learning setting. 

A transcript of the each video as well the answer keys to the video worksheet guides are included in the downloadable zip file with the video worksheet. Files are provided in both word and pdf format. Word format provides for relative ease if you desire to edit these sheets for your needs or need to post them in some manner to facilitate remote learning for your students.

This learning package contains over 135 pages in student worksheets and over 900 questions. (This total does not include the transcripts of the videos.) Most of the questions are of the completion variety. Some short answer and diagram questions are included in some of the worksheets.

A current link to the playlist for these videos is below:

It is my goal to please you and make you feel your purchase is worthwhile. Please feel free to leave any feedback or contact me at to ask any questions about these materials or with any other concerns. Thank you for your support.

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