Create Your Own Dance - Tiktok - PE Distance Digital Learning Google Slides

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PE Fun Club
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Google Slides
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Digital Learning, Dance Unit, Warm-up Activities, PE in the Classroom, PE No Space
  • Create Your Own Dance - Tiktok - PE Distance Digital Learning  Google Slides
  • Simple directions, step by step ways to create a dance.
  • Dance tutorials


Create Your Own Dance - Tiktok - PE Digital Distance Learning

  • A safe way to follow the craze of Tiktok in digital at home version (students aren't asked to go on Tik Tak). One week of PE digital learning - no planning, no prep.
  • A fun competitive, fun element.
  • Benefits: coordination, social skills, fitness, creative movement, learn new dance skills, fun, & smiles.
  • Sign up for Flipgrid - students share their videos easily from their phones and can see their classmates videos. It is very motivating and great way to stay connected in healthy and happy way. It is safe and just for your classes. My school PE is optional (no grades), but Flipgrid gets everyone participating.

Students Choose Safe Options:

  • music
  • beginning dance tutorials
  • advanced dance tutorials
  • real PE student dancers examples (cartoon mode)
  • teacher example (put yourself into the presentation, students love to see you shake it on the dance floor).
  • editable for your needs
  • how to put steps together to a dance
  • Easy, no planning, ready to use, fun, dance activity for your PE classes
  • My students LOVED this activity.
  • Grades Pk-8th (recommend for 4th-8th, but I sent it to everyone in my school)

PE FUN CLUB by Leslie Christine Physical Education, Summer Camp, & Field Day designed for you with love from a P.E. teacher with 30 years experience!

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