Digital Escape Room Science - Le Chatelier's Principle

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The Animated Teacher
Year levels:
11, 12
Resource type:
Digital Escape Room
Answer key:
Auto marked + answers included


Want a fun, no prep way to consolidate and review learning of Le Chatelier's Principle? This is it! An engaging digital escape room on equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle suitable for years 11 or 12. No preparation required!
This activity is perfect for students to review and consolidate what they have learnt in a fun way while building student skills in problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration.
This escape room can be used for online learning, distance education or in the classroom.
The activity contains 6 tasks students must complete in order to 'escape'.
Answers are entered into a Google Form (provided). The task cards are included digitally within the Google Form, but a printable version is also included for you.
Full teacher answers included.
Topics covered:
- Equilibrium and stress applied
- Le Chatelier's Principle
- Enthalpy and Entropy
- Endothermic and exothermic reactions
- Whether a system will form equilibrium or not (Bonus video included to help students if they get stuck on this task card)
Note: this is not designed as a comprehensive or rigorous test - rather a fun, collaborative activity to review important concepts.
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