Draw, Melt, or Snow! A 2nd Grade High Frequency Word Activity

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This Winter themed high frequency words activity will have your students engaged and asking to play again and again! Kid tested! It is a great review for your 2nd graders and 3rd graders, or for your 1st graders who are ready for more challenging words! 

This activity can be played with 2 or more players! It's a great review for the middle of the year, and a quick assessment as to which words your students may struggle with in plain text.

The cards include 150 high frequency words for 2nd grade. 

How to Play:

Cut out each individual card. It would work best to print these cards on cardstock & then laminate them. 

Shuffle the cards. Place them in a stack, facing down. Students take turns drawing cards. Once they draw the card, they will say the word that appears on the card. If they say it correctly, they may keep it. If they do not, they put it in a separate pile.

If the student draws a card with a shovel and snowflakes with “ICE!” on it, they must return all of the cards they have won!

If the student draws a blue cloud with snowflakes in the middle of it with “SNOW DAY!” they may pick up cards that were put down because they were mispronounced. They may continue to pick up as many cards as they can say in that pile! 

The winner is the one who has the most cards at the end of the game! 

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