Editable PowerPoint Daily Agenda Templates

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  • Editable PowerPoint Daily Agenda Templates
  • Editable PowerPoint Daily Agenda Templates


Get organized and create a routine to inform your students of your day's agenda, materials, learning intentions, and success criteria statements with this editable daily digital agenda meant to be projected on the classroom screen (in PowerPoint). There is a 5 minute timer that automatically begins when you present each slide. I use this as their 5 minutes to complete their warm up and to get their supplies ready for the day's lesson. While they complete their bell ringer and get ready for the day in those 5 minutes, I take attendance and take a second to gather myself for my new class.
After a week or two, this becomes such an easy and predictable routine. No need to fuss about them calming down and getting focused... they know what to do!
This PowerPoint is a set of 50 slides. You may reuse the slides or duplicate the slides if you wish to save a year's worth of daily agendas.
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