Editable Teacher Binder Planner Camouflage Themed

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  • Editable Teacher Binder Planner Camouflage Themed
  • Editable Teacher Binder Planner Camouflage Themed


After teaching for 11 years, I think I have perfected the knowledge of what documents us teachers need! I plan on using this planner this year and keeping it all in one binder. It has made my life so easy to keep all of my information all in one place instead of in different places in my classroom. 


This planner has true functionality and the ability to personalize to your needs quickly and easily. Type in your lesson  plans, your important class information, guided group lesson plans, workshop flow charts for your students to print and your on your way!


This planner is sure to keep your life organized, PRETTY and cover all of your basis. 

Included in this planner is:


  • Editable covers for years to come
  • lesson plan template
  • class information documents (health concerns, contact information, communication log, class list and more)
  • Meeting notes
  • field trip documents (note for chaperones, organization for grouping)
  • Gradebook
  • Year long calendar ready for 2021-2022 school year AND blank to personalize for upcoming years
  • Guided group resources (grouping logs, levels chart, workshop flow charts)
  • Sub Folder documents (seating chart, behavior expectations, welcome note)


THIS HAS IT ALL!! Get it today! Not to mention its adorable camouflage vibe. So trendy right now!


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