Electricity Bundle

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  • Electricity Bundle
  • Electricity Bundle
  • Electricity Bundle
  • Electricity Bundle


Electricity is a comprehensive science unit for middle years students with very little prep required by the teacher. It is completely laid out with teacher notes and a sequence of activities. Students will learn about electricity through notes, discussions, demonstrations, videos, and many hands-on activities. A culminating activity for the unit is a project in which students design, build, test, and evaluate their own prototype of something that uses electricity.

In this unit, students will learn about: static and current electricity, atoms, neutrons, protons, electrons, positive and negative charges, designing a fair test, electrical safety, parts of a circuit, simple circuits, series circuits, parallel circuits, circuit problems, electrical circuit symbols, switches, open and closed circuits, conductors, insulators, electromagnets, sources of electricity, renewable and non-renewable resources and designing a prototype that uses electricity.

This product includes:

1. Teacher Notes and Sequence of Activities

2. Student Notes

3. Experiment Report

4. Suggested Videos

5. Electrical Safety Rules Activity

6. Parts of a Circuit Assignment

7. Make it Glow Activity

8. Circuit Problems Assignment

9. Light or No Light Activity

10. Electrical Circuit Symbols Assignment

11. Create a Simple Circuit Activity

12. Create a Circuit with a Switch Activity

13. Conductor or Insulator Investigation

14. Create a Series Circuit Activity

15. Create a Parallel Circuit Activity

16. Count the Paths Assignment

17. Circuit Exploration Challenges

18. Electromagnet Demonstration

19. Design Project

20. Jeopardy

21. Review Sheet

22. Assessment Rubrics

23. Unit Test and Answer Key

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