European Explorers Trading Cards

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Melissa Aubuchon
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Student Inquiry, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Writing, Presentation
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  • European Explorers Trading Cards
  • European Explorers Trading Cards
  • European Explorers Trading Cards
  • European Explorers Trading Cards


Discover the men and countries who participated in the race locate a faster route to reach Asia and create trading cards for each explorer.

This lesson begins with an inquiry method riddle. The class will be posed with a puzzle of a riddle and will ask yes or no questions in attempt to solve the riddle. Next, groups of three will be assigned one of the eight explorers and create a trading card to highlight their explorations. Groups will then teach their explorer to their classmates and assist them in creating a trading card for each explorer. The lesson ends with the class using their trading cards in a debrief activity on which explorers achieved certain goals.

This lesson includes:

-a lesson plan tied to the C3 Standards

-a power point to guide the lesson

-handout with group work directions to guide each group in creating a trading card

-biographical information on eight explorers

-reflection questions to complete as groups read the biographical information

-a trading card template

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