Express Yourself Activity Cut Color Play Change the Mood Emotional Wellness Toy

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SEL Classroom Coloring activity. Classroom Life skills theme.

Kids can learn how to draw expressions and act them out. Make cartoons. Act out Friendship. Have Understanding. Express Inclusion. Meaningful activity for lesson or center activity.

Can be used for distance learning!


  1. 1 page of Mouth expressions
  2. I page of Eye Expressions
  3. I instruction page

How they play:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Play
  • Learn Expressions
  • Change the Mood
  • Make Cartoon faces
  • Can be used digitally- includes 3 PDF 3 PNG
  • Make friends

Use for Int'l Peace Day, Global Peace Week, Anti Bullying Week, National Bullying Prevention Month, International Day of Tolerance, and Everyday.

Peacepal and Planetpals stands for a peaceful world.

One that includes :

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Peace
  • Tolerance
  • Understanding
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Acceptance
  • Friendship

2 printable files

  • 2 . 8.5 x 11 inch png
  • 1 coloring page
  • 1 poster in full color

Perfect lesson For

  • World Kindness Day
  • International Tolerance Day (Nov 16)
  • International Peace Day (Sept 21)
  • Anti-Bullying Week (Nov)
  • Global Peace Week (Sept)
  • Friendship Day (July 30)
  • Cultural Diversity Day ((Nov 21`)
  • National Bullying Prevention Month (October)

Exclusive to Planetpals™ Peace Pal©.

  • Peacepal© teaches about bullying, friendship, and how to share the love
  • Unique and fun Peacepal Hippie like peace and love images
  • Perfect introduction to multicultural issues, inclusion and diversity, equality any World Peace Unit!
  • Peace Pal Activities explore the following topics: Identity, Diversity, InclusionEquity,Tolerance, Kindness, Social Justice, Social Awareness, Racial Injustice, AppropriationColorism, Anti Racism, Anti bullying, All lives matter, Love, Peace

Use this as a stand alone activity or include it with Peacepal's other meaningful activities.

Best places on Earth to learn about world peace-peace activities, history, fun facts:, Educational pages.

Copy, Characters & Art by ©Judith Gorgone

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