Famous Confucius Quotes

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1-6, homeschool
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Printable Handwriting Practice
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  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes
  • Famous Confucius Quotes


Thank you for your interest in Famous Confucius Quotes

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Happy Hive/ Homeschool

Many of our products are designed to coordinate with fun holidays. These famous Confucius Quotes are designed to help you help you celebrate Confucius Day which is Celebrated on September 28th or 29th

This packet contains 7 different quotes in 3 different styles:

Trace Over



At the end of the packet there is a page with pictures and QR codes so learners can access a brief biography and facts about Confucius and his teachings.

I have grouped the copywork pages by style, so you only print what you need.

A word on using copywork...

If you are not familiar with copywork - WELCOME! to the wonderful world of spelling, handwriting, grammar, reading and character education wrapped into one!

There is no wrong way to use copywork, this is simply how I used it in my home (and classroom). Feel free to adapt to your needs!

  • Learner reads the quote or passage aloud or the passage is read to them.
  • Learner traces over the passage. I imagine they are saying the words as they write them :-)
  • Learner copies the passage onto their own paper, working as neatly as they are able. For the youngest of learners tracing may be enough.
  • The teacher should be mindful of age, ability and any learning challenges such as pencil grip, dysgraphia, or other possible processing differences. Look for areas to praise and display the finished work!

If you would like to read more about copywork, feel free to visit my blog!

Why Copywork is Essential in my Curriculum

Enjoy your journey!

- Mrs. Crabtree

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