Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!

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ELA in Middle School
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Homeschool, 6-9
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Crosswords Puzzles with Doodles, Word Puzzles
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6 including Teacher Notes and Terms of Use
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Yes, 1 Page
  • Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!
  • Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!
  • Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!
  • Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!
  • Figurative Language Crosswords (and Doodles!)!



Students love learning when learning is fun! This Crosswords Puzzle allows students to review their knowledge of key parts of speech and grammar vocabulary while enjoying the challenge of completing an individual puzzle. The imbedded sketch art from Carrie Stephens Art and Dancing Crayon Designs allow students to further express themselves by coloring the drawings or making use of the doodle borders!


The student will review key vocabulary words.

Teacher Prep Time: Just print and go!

Lesson Duration: 5 minutes

Included in This Product:

Two versions of the Crosswords Puzzle, one with a word bank for differentiation

Completed Puzzle Key

The terms that are reviewed in this resource are:

Allegory                                  Alliteration                              Analogy

Hyperbole                               Idiom                                      Illusion

Imagery                                   Irony                                       Metaphor

Onomatopoeia                        Oxymoron                               Paradox

Personification                        Simile                                      Symbolism


Aligned to TEKS: 6.2, 7.2, and 8.2

This lesson is appropriate for grades 6-8.

ELA in Middle School

Note: ELA in Middle School utilizes Carrie Stephens Art and Dancing Crayon Designs in our products.

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