GimKit Pharm Review Games

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If you have not heard of GimKit, I strongly suggest you check out the resource. It allows students to cycle through questions to improve their memorization of terms or drug names. This resource includes pre-built reviews. GimKit allows you to try different modes which you can customize and use in class. Currently, my seniors love the Fishtopia mode and Capture the Flag. Sign-in with a google account, select the Copy option, and when your students play a live game you will be able to view student reports that show accuracy scores. 


What's included:

  • 1-page with 16 links to review games that include the following topics:
    • Medication Brand and Generic Drug Name Reviews
    • Drug Resource Vocabulary
    • Dosage Forms and Routes of Administration
    • FDA Laws and DEA Regulations
    • Rejection and DAW Codes
    • Common Pharmacy Abbreviations
    • 121 Pharmacy Abbreviations


Ways to use this resource:

  • Review
  • Homework
  • Assignment


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