Grade 5 Spiral Math (New Ontario Math Curriculum)

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  • Grade 5 Spiral Math (New Ontario Math Curriculum)
  • Grade 5 Spiral Math (New Ontario Math Curriculum)
  • Grade 5 Spiral Math (New Ontario Math Curriculum)
  • Grade 5 Spiral Math (New Ontario Math Curriculum)


Are you tired of trying to find daily math activities that touch multiple strands? Want to implement distance learning but overwhelmed at doing so? Exhausted from making up questions so students don't forget concepts? Pick up this unit to save money and time this year! These spiraled units are my absolute best seller. Answers are attached and can be pulled up onto a Smartboard.

Happy buyers have said:
"I'm so happy that someone has finally created spiral math material that reflects Canadian content. Please keep doing what you're doing!"
" Fabulous resource !!!"

This is definitely the resource for you!
This is an entire year of daily spiral math activities for the NEW 2020 Ontario grade 5 curriculum. I have included several weeks of my previous resource as a bonus. This is to help students gently be introduced to this new curriculum.
Students will do multiple strands of math every week all year. This way students don't forget them from year to year. The questions are short and designed to either be done as homework or a quick activity as students arrive in the morning or after recess. New concepts are introduced gradually and generally follow my spiral long range plans that I've used in my own classroom for several years. (they are free on teachers pay teachers).

All question pages are complete and ready for you to use!

In this resource I've also included interactive math notebook pages so that concepts are pre-taught before they are introduced in the resource. Concepts covered with these notes are:

  •  Metric Staircase
  •  Parallelogram or Triangle Area
  •  Translation vs. Rotation
  •  Comparing Fractions
  •  Theoretical or Experimental Data
  •  Measures of Central Tendency
  •  Rounding Decimals to Tenths
  •  Types of Triangles by Angle
  •  Types of Triangles by Side
  •  Ratios
  •  Patterns with 1 variable
  •  Multiplying Decimals
  •  Place Value of Whole Numbers to Millions
  •  Dividing a 3 digit Number
  •  Multiplying by 0.1
  •  Percentages
  •  Angles within a Triangle

You may wonder:

Do I need to spiral everything to use this?

No, this unit is designed to be used alone. It pairs well with my math 360 units but it will work just fine independently?

What if I haven't taught that concept yet and it's included in the questions?

The first ten weeks of questions are designed to be a review of theprevious grade curriculum. This means they are actually last year's curriculum. This helps address gaps and scaffold weaker students. However, thecurrent grade curriculum is introduced on Friday and then there will be a matching question included in the following week of questions. For example, if you are teaching a new concept about fractions it may be introduced on Friday and then there will be a question about it in the next week's worth of questions.

Use This For:
Daily Bell Work
Math Talks
Summer Practice
Practice for Testing later

Further, I have included how to schedule this into your math block, as well as a clear outline of what your day will look like while using these. This fits beautifully with a 3 part math lesson or guided math opportunities. If you are just looking to start guided math please look for my task cards that can be used in guided math/centres and make your life so much easier!

Why Teachers Love Them:
Simple to Set up
Very User Friendly
Covers Multiple Strands Every Week
Easy to use with digital devices
Makes Report cards Easier when you are covering every strand (no more scrambling for one last mark)
Skills build slowly


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