Hands on History-Civil War Puzzle

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Make History Fun
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30 minutes


I use the 24 Piece Civil War Puzzle as a way to teach and review the major causes, battles, and people from the conflict.

I print out these puzzles on card stock or laminate them, so they last longer, and cut it out. Occasionally I'll have the students cut them out to save time and also it allows them to review. I put each of the pieces in their own little bag. Then I pass out each bag to the students. I will use this puzzle periodically throughout my units. The first time I will give the students 5-10 minutes to see how much they can do. Then I'll shorten the time as we learn more about it. By the end of my unit, I have puzzle races and time the students. I record their times and push them to try and beat them. It is a fun way for them to review and try and piece the document together and it is great for your tactile learners as well.

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