How Wolves Change Rivers

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Engaging Biology
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  • How Wolves Change Rivers
  • How Wolves Change Rivers


This product is a viewing guide to a short, but amazing video called "How Wolves Change Rivers." This guide will turn a 4-minute video into a whole class lesson that your students won't soon forget! Get your students thinking and talking about ecosystems, biotic relationships and the impact of humans on the environment by watching the video and completing the viewing guide.

The viewing guide includes an introductory Think Pair Share question to help them examine their possibly biased feelings regarding wolves. Then they'll watch the video (either as a whole class or independently on their devices) and complete the viewing guide. The guide includes a longer writing assignment at the end which can be used as an assessment. We usually watch the video and do the guide in a class period (about 42 minutes) and I assign the in-depth writing as homework.

I've had some great class discussions after students watch this video and complete the guide! I especially love how it transforms their thinking about wolves and the general place of predators in the ecosystem.

The video is produced by Sustainable Humans and is easily accessed on their webpage or on Youtube.

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