Amazing Teacher Resources Made by Teachers

Amazing Teacher Resources Made by Teachers

Posted by Debbie Mendoza on Oct 1st 2021

The Season of Fall is an amazing time when we see the days getting shorter, the weather getting cooler, and festivities occurring. Our Teacher Contributors have been busy making teaching resources to help you lighten your load and bring to your classroom a touch of the fall season. So, take a look at what some of our Contributors have to offer!

Monica Prack with Monica Creates has two holiday themed Writing Resources that have step by step lesson plans:

Writing Descriptive Sentences: PowerPoint Lesson Plan Activity-Halloween. This is an engaging lesson and activity, with a Halloween Theme to teach how to write more descriptive sentences using Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.

Thanksgiving themed Writing Descriptive Sentences. This a great approach to strengthening your students writing while enjoying the use of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Monica also has a Word Sort Fall Theme. By sorting different words by different elements, young children make sense of words and patterns within words. This is an educational, timely, fun activity that includes word cards, picture cards and sample sorts + a bonus picture/word matching activity.

Melanie Miller with A-Z Infinity has Easy Fall Craft Project. This project is great fun! Are you looking for some easy fall craft projects? Then this Fall Craft Set is perfect for your young learners! Get creative with this fall set! Use various art medias and textures to make sweet, cute pumpkins, scarecrows, and apple trees!

Melanie also has a Printable Apple Math Unit. Learning about apples and comparing, counting, graphing apples are such wonderful math skills! This worksheet set is perfect for young learners!

Cortney Gaines with TeacherSorce has Fall Festival Math Activities Choice Boards. This is a digital and printable resource! Take your students to the virtual Fall Festival Farm with these super fun and engaging math activities! Students will work on rounding going through a corn maze, adding and subtracting three digits at the apple orchard, carve pumpkins with geometry, order snacks at the Scarecrow Snack Stand, explore area and perimeter in the pumpkin patch and help out Farmer Bryant as he does tractor rides with telling time and elapsed time!!

Inspire Math Matematyka has resources that are editable, digital and printable! Run a Halloween Factory Project Based Learning is a comprehensive math resource on percentages, fractions, and decimals. Your students will enjoy solving the problems in this product.

Debbie Mendoza with Froggy About Teaching has Literacy Activities Halloween Bundle. It is a combination of three Kindergarten literacy packets. It is Halloween themed with letter sound recognition games, color by code, and writing activities.

Elaine Gallagher with Elly Elementary has a book study, Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert Activity Guide. But it is much more! This packet includes a walking trip activity, with art and writing extensions.

Halloween Activities Throughout the Curriculum is a packet you do not want to miss out on! This Halloween Activities unit includes reading/writing activities, math lessons, science integrated with literacy as well as social studies connections. It ends with some arts and crafts that can be done before Halloween.

This is not all! There are more quality products available on Amped Up Learning. The Teacher Contributors love creating resources for you. We take our time, research our topic, and create the resource with the intentions of helping you to meet the needs of your students!

Don’t forget to check our other Fall/Halloween resources on Amped Up Learning.

Written by Debbie Mendoza with Froggy About Teaching