AUL Winter-Holiday Themed Resources

AUL Winter-Holiday Themed Resources

Posted by Debbie Mendoza on Dec 3rd 2021

If you have not searched the teacher resources on Amped Up Learning, you are definitely missing out! We have some amazing Teacher Contributors that take their time and carefully and intentionally create their resources to help you meet the needs of your students!

Melanie Miller with A-Z Infinity, has created Winter Craft Projects for Elementary Students. Just take a look at what your students can make that would be related to your Winter Science unit. Don’t tell anybody, but I think these are absolutely adorable!

Lisa Stale with Play All Day has created Winter Hide & Seek Pocket Chart Game. This fun, academic game will help to increase your students’ letter/sound and number recognition skills! Personally, I would print an extra set of the number and letter cards and display them on my bulletin board!

Ivy Beth with Ivy Bee Speech created Adjectives for December Holidays. You cannot go wrong with purchasing this deck of Boom Cards! Not only is this a digital resource that can be used whole group, one on one, with a partner on a digital device, but it teaches adjectives for Holiday vocabulary. What a way to increase descriptive vocabulary!