Basic Math Operations on Amped Up Learning

Basic Math Operations on Amped Up Learning

Basic Operations on Amped Up Learning

Basic Operations include Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. It’s the root source of most operations used in math. So, mastering these skills is key in being able to understand more advanced math.

Amped Up Learning has Teacher Contributors that recognize the importance of students knowing and mastering these skills. Look at some of the teaching resources that are available on Amped Up Learning. These are just a sample of the many quality resources that are available to you.

Enrica Minettei with Matemaths offers a resource, St. Patrick’s Day Solving One Step Equations Pixel Art Activity. These equations are self-checking that leads to a mystery pixel art being revealed. Math does not need to be boring!

Nancy Balter with Teacher Toy Shop has Which One Doesn’t Belong? Shapes. This activity allows students to do critical thinking while learning shapes and describing what makes them different. These are very important skills to build on!

Ashleigh Martinez with That One Cheerful Classroom offers 4th Grade Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Math Game Show. This resource is presented in the fashion of a game show, but it’s focus is on the four basic operations. Go check it out! I’m sure your 4th graders will enjoy it!

Melanie Miller with A-Z Infinity has a wonderful resource, Apple Math Unit. It is a Number Sense Unit that focuses on number recognition and counting with the numbers 1-20 with an apple theme. Your young learners will love it!