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Meaningful Money Lesson for young learners

Meaningful Money Lesson for young learners

Posted by Christy Gandara - Homeschool Holiday on Jun 20th 2020

Interactive lessons are NOT just for older students! This week for the next installment in the Happy Hive Homeschooling product review series we are going to take a look at curriculum from Froggy About Teaching that is designed specifically for learners in Kindergarten and First grade. This interactive curriculum is off the page! Not your traditional pencil and paper assignment – the K-1 Coins Pack is designed for use with Smart Boards, Google Classroom, Seasaw or other similar virtual learning platforms.

30 page power point for $3.50 available on Amped Up Learning

As a curriculum coach, I am going to show you how you can use this product in both a HOME setting for extra practice, if you homeschool, or as a classroom teacher. How we get good quality curriculum into the hands of our learners matters not, we just need to do it! Homeschool Holiday is here to support education in all it’s forms – and our product reviews aim at giving you a wide range of materials to use with learners!

Debbie Mendoza began her teaching career in 1990. She has worked with Kindergartners, 1st , 2nd , and my personal favorite 4th grades. Debbie has shared her educational talents as a regular education teacher (although I see nothing regular about what we do!) as well as serving as a bilingual elementary teacher for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades. To put the icing on her career cake Debbie taught elementary Spanish and was an ESL teacher for grades K – 4. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Bilingual Elementary Education and ESL and has a minor in Spanish. Her Master’s Degree is in Curriculum and Instruction.

To relax Debbie enjoys gardening, watching nature and the night skies, reading and camping. She is a teacher that looks for ways to entice students into wanting to learn and loving to read. Debbie has partnered with Happy Hive Homeschool in making quality Digital Resources. She freely shared her knowledge with me so I too could bring my clients quality digital resources for their homes and classrooms! We are both teacher authors on the Teacher Marketplace, Amped Up Learning.

The K-1 Coin Pack asks our young learners to recognize pennies and nickels (both sides), count them and assign value to items using these coins. In the Google Classroom/PowerPoint option, learners are required to slide the coins into place as well as type values into pre-designated text boxes.

Students slide the appropriate number of pennies down from the top into the boxes to match the price for the items.

When using SeeSaw, students can use the tools to “write on” the worksheet and return it to the teacher. (SeeSaw has many other options as well!)

Sample digital response from Seesaw

If you would like to use the packet in a more “traditional” manner, you can easily print the pages as a PDF file and have your learner work on the pages using the pencil paper method.

Regardless of the method chosen, with 30 jam packed pages, your learners will have a solid understanding of both the penny and the nickel when they finish these activities. Froggy about Teaching is following up with Set Two, using other coins as well. Be sure to follow them on Pinterest as well as their Froggy about Teaching Blog. I am confident you will love their primary level activities as much as I did.

Until next time – Be blessed friends!

Mrs. Crabtree

If you have questions about homeschooling or would like to supplement your child’s public/or private school education , Whatever journey you are on, I can help. Happy Hive Education Consulting is run by an experienced homeschooling Mom with a California Teaching credential. This unique combination of experience allows for a customized partnership between her family and yours.

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*Disclosure regarding the “EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT REVIEW” series: Homeschool Holiday/ Happy Hive Homeschooling does not accept any payment for reviewing products from other Teacher Authors. I do recieve the product being reviewed and provide my HONEST, educated opinion about how the product can be used with my target audience: Educators in all their forms: Parents, Homeschoolers and Teachers.

I will be linking to Teacher-Author blogs and the stores in which they sell many their products. Purchase at your own risk. My opinions are my own and meant to help guide your curriculum and educational decisions.