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Thanks for checking out my page. Don't forget to use code THANKS10 to take 10% off your lesson marketplace order. 

As a classroom teacher and instructional coach for the past 14 years, I've always valued relationships and rigor. That's why I try to make my lessons as engaging and interactive as possible, while still stretching their thinking about big ideas that matter in their lives. I've always loved psychology, and have taught it at the secondary level for the past 8 years. Building lessons for psychology allows me to blend my love of curriculum with the excitement of students who are passionate about learning. My aim is to make all my resources useful and ready-to-go so that busy teachers can breathe a little easier. I also want to make sure my lessons are not the ordinary things you'd find from the textbook companies. My training in various curriculum elements such as Understanding by Design, higher order thinking, and SIOP engagement strategies are infused in every lesson. 

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  • Biopsychology: Neuron Flip Book

    Biopsychology: Neuron Flip Book

    This lesson includes an easy-to-print flip book that students use to compile notes on neurons and psychology. Each page is a graphic organizer that matches to one or more slides on the PowerPoint included in the resource. Engaging graphics and fonts help...

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  • BUNDLE Abnormal Psychology Unit

    BUNDLE Abnormal Psychology Unit

    Lessons included in this bundle: Introduction to abnormal psychology History of abnormal psych, Mood disorders, Anxiety disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Eating disorders, Personality disorders, Developmental...

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  • BUNDLE Biology of Psychology Unit

    BUNDLE Biology of Psychology Unit

    This 7-resource bundle includes newly revised materials from my neuroscience/biology of psychology unit. Everything that you get in the individual resources is included here, at a discount to you! Please check out the preview, as well as...

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  • BUNDLE History of Psychology Unit

    Start your study of psychology off right with this unit bundle! All resources included come with essential question posters, disciplinary processes posters, a lesson plan with learning targets, easy-to-use handouts, graphic organizers, and formative...

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  • BUNDLE Learning: Psychology Unit

    BUNDLE Learning: Psychology Unit

    Save yourself time and money with this psychology resource bundle for your Learning psychology unit! 7 lessons at a discounted price contain a variety of instructional strategies to engage your students in critical thinking to get them talking about...

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  • BUNDLE Research & Methods Unit

    Save yourself time and money with this ready-to-use unit bundle.  This unit has been created to include a variety of instructional strategies, each getting students thinking critically and talking about the concepts in this unit. Research design...

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  • BUNDLE Sensation & Perception Unit

    BUNDLE Sensation & Perception Unit

    Save yourself time and money with this psychology resource bundle for your sensation & perception psychology unit! 8 lessons at a discounted price contain a variety of instructional strategies to engage your students in critical thinking to get them...

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  • BUNDLE Social Psychology Unit

    BUNDLE Social Psychology Unit

    9 Lessons in 1 bundleEach lesson includes learning targets and essential questions, lesson agenda and directions, links to outside sources, and easily printable handouts or displays where appropriate. Each lesson is meant to be dynamic, engaging, and...

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  • BUNDLE States of Consciousness Unit

    BUNDLE States of Consciousness Unit

    Enhance your unit on States of Consciousness with this well planned, interactive bundle of lessons. Topics include sleep, dreams, drugs, and hypnosis and meditation. The big idea is "variation," how each of these areas is a variation of the "normal"...

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  • Cognition: Scripts and Schemas

    Students will see the relevance of using scripts and schemas in making sense of their daily world. This lesson includes engaging notes with a graphic organizer, a small group hexagonal thinking sort activity, and a small group discussion. The hexagon...

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