Migrating Monarchs Informational Text Activity

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This product is an informational text article on Monarch butterflies. It's written in a fun, engaging manner and contains some amazing facts about monarch migration that will astound your students and create admiration for these amazing insects!

The article is written for 7th - 10th grades, but is also suitable for higher grades, depending on their reading abilities.

What is included:

  • 3-page informational text article
  • Teacher Guide
  • Cornell notes for reading comprehension
  • a 3-page worksheet which includes vocabulary acquisition from context, more comprehension questions, and Extension questions. The Extension questions contain a QR code that students can scan to see a short video about monarch migration. I've also included the URL for the video (Youtube).
  • Answer Key

This informational text article/activity can be used as a whole class activity, where students read alone or in pairs and then work on the questions.

It can also be used as a sub plan or homework assignment, for early finishers or for those times you need work for a student in detention or suspension. You can use it in a unit on insects or ecology or simply as an interesting article to read.

This article can help you meet the CCSS for literacy in the science classroom.

My students really enjoyed this article. I hope yours will too!

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