"Modern America" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

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  • "Modern America" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.
  • "Modern America" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.
  • "Modern America" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.
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Post-Vietnam America brings forth a different perspective. OPEC, NAFTA, the personal computer, aerospace and other crucial aspects... all aim to improve the lives of Americans while creating a global focus.



These aren't just flashcards...

The Goal of FRECK! is to earn the most money by winning the most cards...but beware there are ACTION cards that allow your opponents to SKIP your turn, STEAL your card(s). YOU can also use these ACTION cards to DEFEND against attacks, get HELP on answering questions and BOOST your highest money cards. 

It also isn't just a Game... FRECK! includes engaging classroom activities designed to help you strengthen student writing, sequencing, compare/contrasting, cause/effect & other crucial social studies skills necessary for success.

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